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Virtual Assistant Services:
Funnel & Web Design
Email Management
Customer Service
Data Entry

*Pricing for my VA services will vary depending on scope of work. In some cases hourly rates work best; for other projects, packaged rates may be appropriate. Please schedule your Virtual Coffee Break with me to discuss how we can work together, see if we are a good fit, and to get a proposal sent over to you. My calendar for scheduling is here: CALENDLY

Funnel & Web Design:

Funnel Re-Design

This includes taking your page that already exists, and re-designing it to help your competitive edge. Does not include consultation with me regarding strategy or copy. This is re-design only.

(We do recommend combining funnel redesign with brand strategy as described just below.)

Brand Strategy

We will explore positioning, structure, fonts, images, color schemes, buttons, videos, spacing elements, and a thorough competitive analysis.

This can be a stand-alone service, or an ad-on to any of the services listed.

Opt-in Funnel

Includes 2 page funnel, 1 follow-up email, and integrations/setup.

Popular Service request.

Webinar Registration Funnel

Includes 2 page funnel, 4 follow-up emails, and integration/setup.

Webinars are a fantastic way to develop traffic for your service/product/course. *This service will most likely go in hand with the service listed below.

Webinar Setup

Includes Webinar integration/setup, 5 follow-up emails for attendees, and 5 follow-up emails for non-attendees.

Webinars are a fantastic way to develop traffic for your service/product/course!

Sales Funnel

Includes 2 page funnel, 2 follow-up emails, and integration/setup.

Popular Service request.

Online Course Setup

2 page funnel, x/sections (# of sections will vary depending on your individual course content), 2 follow-up emails, and integration/setup.

Online courses allow you to reach many with one message. We will help make your course look great and run well for your loyal clients.


Includes 1 page funnel and integration/setup.

Your homepage is your first impression to the masses!

Application Funnel

Includes 1 page funnel, typeform application, 2 follow-up emails, and integration/setup.

We can help your application run smoothly and attractive to your ideal client!